Athena's Wisdom Magical Soy Candle

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As you light your candle, the virgin goddess Athena draws near. Today as you begin your magical workings, you yearn for inspiration from Mount Olympus. Light the candle to activate the spell and bring forth the wealth of her wisdom. Let yourself drift into her essence. Feel her power welling within you. You are a goddess!

About: Every small batch of candles is made with soy wax. Each candle has a wood wick that creates the soothing sounds of a crackling fire with each burn.

Weight: Net Wt. approx. 6 oz. Weight might vary because each candle is hand-poured. 

Fragrance Notes:  Notes of coconut milk, bergamot, black pepper, cinnamon leaf, jasmine, tonka bean, cypress, cedarwood, and musk

How To Use: To ensure a good burn, make sure the entire wood wick is lit on fire. You should not burn your candle for more than 4 hours at a time and always make sure you do not leave it unattended. Once you put your candle out, trim the wood wick to1/8th of an inch for a clean burn.

Ingredients: Soy Wax, Fragrance Oil, Eco Glitter.