Who's That Witch?


Hi, My name is Jared, the owner and founder of Arcane Soapworks and resident soap witch/ artist. I'm a creative introvert and solitary witch who likes to be more behind the scenes, but I'm coming out from behind the veil for you!

Why I Started A Soap Brand?

I began to make soap on a whim, honestly. I was obsessed with looking at soapmakers on YouTube, so one day, I just said, I NEED to do this! Also, my own skincare routine was lacking any joy. An artless, white, generic bar of drying soap was just not doing it for me. So I said, I'm going to make some witchy occult type soap for myself. Once I started to make some awesome stuff, there was no way I wasn't going to share this with the pagan world.

Why I Love Soap And Soapmaking?

I love soap because it's such a personal item, and to me, it's one of the ways you express love for yourself by taking care of your skin. Handmade artisan soaps do this flawlessly and don't leave you dry and un-replenished as many commercial soaps do.

Soapmaking, to me, is pure alchemy, artistry, and magick, all in a symbiotic dance. Even simple bars of soap are enchanting in their chemistry. I fell in love the first time I poured the emulsified ingredients into a mold. There are so many possibilities and knowledge to learn, and if there is one thing I am is a glutton for new knowledge.

What's My Inspiration?

I gather my inspiration from years of obsessive knowledge gathering of mythology, fantasy, lore, and just the musings of my dark imagination. If it's odd and unusual, I just think this can be a beautiful soap. Cthulhu tentacles on a soap? 100% YES! Giant eyeballs in the middle of pipped flowers? 1000% YES! I love to come up with new ideas, and thank you for coming along with me on my journey!