Welcome To Arcane Soapworks

Why We Work Our Magic?

We began Arcane Soapworks because of our love of RPG's, fantasy & the magical world. With our company, we wanted to create a cool space where you can find quality soap products that also bring you right into a vast magical realm while you enjoy your showers. 

We are a brand for us who always find ourselves picking a mage class in every RPG. Those of us who love reading about powerful & skillful magic users and arcane lore. For those who love learning about new mystical creatures, elder gods, and ancient worlds. Our world is for those who love diving into the deep and vast lands of your imagination. We are here to give you the products you need!

What Arcane Qualities Do Our Soaps Possess?

There is a story behind every bar we conjure, just for you. Our soaps aren't just creamy, soft, nourishing lather. They are crafted using arcane knowledge from all over the world based on various magical lore, mythology, and stories from the ancient books and spoken tales of mystics of old. The colors, the fragrances, and the embellishments are all chosen to represent the magical aspects and intentions of each bar. You can feel the power and warmth in the aroma of a fire spell. Be enchanted by a powerful succubus and her seductive smell. You can even be transported to the deep dark void and commune with its gods. If you caught yourself drifting away in otherworldly blissful thoughts, you're in the right place!

Our Pact With You

We promise to always work to be better and give you the best possible product. Suggestions are welcome on what you would like to see in the store, and even share lore and stories you want to see represented. We make an oath with you, our patrons, to always strive for perfection and give you safe, fun, and beautifully fantasy/ magical soaps. You are what keeps us going, and you mean the netherworld to us!

Arcane Soapworks LLC

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