Covid-19 Updates

We want nothing more than to keep our customers and fans safe when purchasing our products. As a soap maker, I take extra steps to make sure that all equipment is safe and sanitary. We create, package and ship all packages from a dedicated soap making studio that only me and a few other luckily immune magical creatures inhabit. All surfaces are regularly sanitized to ensure safety. A plague mask and gloves are worn throughout the process of making and packaging all products. We also follow all current local and federal safety guidelines for handling all products. 

There have been some delays in shipping times sometimes predictable sometimes very sporadic. We are doing our best to get you your soaps safe and sound and on time. Please allow for extra time for your parcel to get to you. 

Our lines of communication are always open, so be sure to let us know if you have any questions or concerns if they aren't covered here. 

Be safe and blessed be.