Arcane Shards Sample Pack Info

Here is a list of all the soaps and their links as well if you are interested in trying them out. We hope you enjoyed your sample pack!

Feywild Blooms (Green & Magenta sample)- Smells Like wild fey magic and deep scented ancient blooming night flowers

Firestorm (Red, Orange & Black Sample)- Smells like sandalwood and, wildfire magic from the bowels of the underworld

Eldritch Blast (Purple & Black Sample)- Smells like dark incantations, ashes of your enemies, and the fragrant flowers you place on their graves

Elven Bread (Beige Sample)- Smells like fresh-baked way bread made by skilled elven maidens with a touch of imported orange. 

Celestial Blessings (White Sample)- Smells like a blast of effervescent grapes, rose, patchouli, musk, and celestial light