About Our Archmage

Picture of Jared Hadaway Owner of Arcane Soapworks


 Hi, My name is Jared Hadaway, the owner and founder of Arcane Soapworks and resident soap mage/ artist. I'm a magic lover and creative introvert with a fine arts background. I like to be more behind the scenes, but I'm coming out from behind the veil just for you

I'm excited that you are here and ready to take in the magic of Arcane Soapworks!

Why I Started A Soap Brand?

I began to make soap on a whim, as many things in my life's journey have started. I was obsessed with looking at soap makers, and fantasy artists on YouTube. I got inspired by their creativity and the beauty of their work. So one day, I just said, I NEED to do this too! My other reason was that my skincare routine was lacking any excitement for me. Just regular bars of soap with no story, no sense of fantasy stopped doing it for me. So I said, I'm going to make some magical fantasy-type soap for myself. Once I started to make some awesomely cool stuff, there was no way I wasn't going to share this with everyone! 

What's My Inspiration?

I gather my inspiration from the fantasy world. Whether it be books, video games, tabletop RPGs, or mythology. If it's odd and unusual, I think this can make a beautiful soap. The world of fantasy has soo much to offer so there are always new and exciting designs to explore. Cthulhu tentacles on a soap? 100% YES! Giant eyeballs in the middle of pipped flowers? 1000% YES! I love to come up with new ideas, and thank you for coming along with me on my journey!