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Welcome To Arcane Soapworks


Why We Work Our Magicks

We began Arcane Soapworks with a few questions in mind. Do you want magickal bath soaps that tap into that fantasy spirit within you? A beautifully designed bar made with top-quality fragrances, ingredients, and magickal intent? Do you want products that you can use in your spell work? I said yes, and yes to them all for myself, but I quickly found that I wanted to share this gift with everyone. So, if you are here reading this, your calls into the void have been answered. All you have to do is take a step forward and give in to the magick of the arcane!

What Qualities Do Our Soaps Possess

There is a story behind every bar we conjure, just for you. Our soaps aren't just creamy with soft, nourishing lather, but I mean, that doesn't hurt, right? Each bar is crafted using magickal intent and spellwork. The themes for each soap were picked by Witches for Witches. The colors, the fragrances, the symbolism. All are chosen to represent the magickal aspects and intentions of each subject. You can feel the power of the ocean waves in Poseidon's domain. Take an enchanted stroll through a lush green forest blooming forth from Gaia. You can even be transported to the deep dark Egyptian underworld and commune with Anubis. If you caught yourself drifting away in otherworldly blissful thoughts, you're in the right place!

Our Pact With You

We promise to always work to be better and give you the best possible magickal products. Suggestions are welcome on what you would like to see in the store and even share lore, stories, and themes you want to see represented. We make an oath with you, our patrons, to always strive for perfection and give you safe, fun, and beautifully witchy occult soaps. You are what keeps us going, and you mean the netherworld to us! 


Arcane Soapworks LLC

Jared Hadaway 

2318 Pearl Cider Street 

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