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Pre-Order Ritual Candles Now Available!

Starting July 1st we will start shipment on the first batch of ritual candles!

Just remember if you order any item that's available now in store and a pre-order item, they will ship our on the pre order schedule.

Here's what we have available:

⭐ Protection Spell: Scent- Lavender

⭐Inner Love Charm: Scent- Floral Ichor

⭐ Banishing Ritual: Scent- Dragons Blood


Are you ready for the magick in your mailbox?!

Help Us Give Back To Our LGBTQ+ Witches

Happy Pride Month Witches! 25% Of All Profits During This Years Pride Month Go To The Trevor Project. Help us support this amazing organization!

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Why Arcane Soapworks?

Small Batches With Potent Magicks

We take the utmost care in conjuring each bar of soap and soy candle in our studio. Responsibly sourced magickal ingredients are used in all formulations. Since we make small batches extra care is taken in making sure each product is perfect!

Magickal Gifts For Witches

Our brand loves the magickal, the peculiar and the forgotten. We are perfect for gift giving for the sorcerers in your life. If you love the magick of the world, fantasy, forgotten arcane lore, and unconventional themes, we are for you. 

Our Spell Work Is Always Improving

You deserve the best product, packaging and service. We love to receive feedback on our soaps and candles from our Acolytes. We are first and foremost a company for the magickal people of the world and your voice is important to us! 


Arcane Soap Works is one of a kind! There is just something so magical about their soaps, the attention to detail is immaculate. When using their soaps I really feel like I've slipped into a self-care fantasy land! I initially purchased them for myself but very quickly purchased some pieces for others and future gifts. 

Imani S

These soaps are amazing! They dont leave my skin dry and they smell soo good too. The packaging is so thoughtfull as well. You can tell alot went into just wrapping each bar. Great quality product! I'm never going back to mass produced soap. 

Brandon R

It smells so good you don’t want to use it. However the soap is carved so beautifully. Even the personal touches to the packaging were amazing. Once I decided to use it it definitely leaves my hands so soft and moisturized. Thank you so much definitely glad to have purchased.

Shelby J